☮ World Peace Day Peace Pledges from The Sage in association with World Peace Tyneside ☮

On Sunday 21st September (World Peace Day) we asked how the people who came to the World Peace Day celebrations at the Sage in Gateshead could make peace in their lives and this is what they said:

I pledge to make peace by…Make your Peace Pledge here

  1. Persuading terrorists to follow a peaceful path J
  2. Connection self-others-nature ❤
  3. Tuesday
  4. Be at peace in myself to be peaceful with others. Support inner peace with meditation
  5. Accepting all human beings as such…
  6. Sending out prayers for world peace daily
  7. End to all racism in the world
  8. Supporting Palestinians
  9. Service to others love and peace
  10. Holding love & giving love to all
  11. Being a kind person to others and help the needed
  12. I being kind to people
  13. Finding peace within myself and giving love to all…
  14. Meditation & growing my compassion loving my daughter & family
  15. By praying a ceasefire lasts forever
  16. Loving myself betterWorld Peace Day Peace pledge tree
  17. Help more around the house.
  18. Being kind and compassionate to everyone I meet
  19. Being kind
  20. Having & encouraging peace within me. Let it begin with me.
  21. By being understanding to the people who did not get what they wanted in the ref. I got what I wanted
  22. Campaign to have no taxes used for militarism, but for peace instead
  23. Working to support the U.N. + United Nations Association
  24. Being kinder and less judgemental of people
  25. Accepting other points of view
  26. Spreading more peace, love & understanding
  27. Keeping things simple peace for everyone
  28. Spreading love and peace thoughts across the world
  29. No new development of weapons
  30. Play Star Wars – Only play! Leon, Age 3
  31. Asking for the holy spirit & Christ to be with us forever
  32. By spreading love even when challenged
  33. Opening my heart more and moreWorld Peace Day 2014

Gentoo and Peace One Day in Association with Space For Peace

Gentoo – Summary of Events to publicise PEACE ONE DAY


  1. Football Peace CUP

See poster for details of tournament to be held 19 September.


  1. Dubmire School

Event to take place with Dubmire school. An artist has been engaged to work with the children in order to create a ceramic plaque about peace. Each class will make a section and the whole will be put together and unveiled 19 September. There will then be a fun day for the children who have supported POD each year. We can no longer have the planned balloon release (due to environmental/ecological reasons). However, 4 doves will be released by The Head Teacher, a pupil, Police officer and a Gentoo rep. The event will commence at 11.00a.m.



  1. Tom Urwin House, Silksworth, Sunderland

A tea party for residents provided by Youth Almighty, and re-siting of the Peace mosaic made last year, into the garden to create space for peace. This takes place on Sunday 21 September.


  1. Pallion Community Garden

The “secret” garden at Pallion is to have an area for peace. There will be a tea party to launch this and pupils from Highfield school will sing songs at the event. Residents will be asked to write their  pledge for peace and these will be placed in a time capsule to be buried in the garden. The exact date for this is still to be determined.


  1. Gentoo is organising an event in conjunction with Town End Farm Residents Association. This will take place on the afternoon of Thursday 18 September. There will be a tea party, a Peace quiz and a children’s choir. We are also planning to show a video of POD featuring Jeremy Gillie in order to increase awareness.


  1. 6. A Peace garden at Moorsley/Peat Carr to be launched on Friday 19 September. There is to be a war memorial and some seating provided. Free materials have been donated.


  1. Cherry Tree Gardens extra care scheme. A social event has been organised by Gentoo to take place on Friday 19 September, p.m. There will be peaceful peaceful music and a quiz.


  1. Gentoo has arranged for Albany School, Washington, to run a painting competition around Peace. The winning designs will go on display in Perspex cases in the local play park to replace some previous pictures that need replacing. We will also run a session around peace to show Year 5 children have the same qualities as famous peace leaders. Exact dates to be confirmed.


  1. Photo Competition

Gentoo is running a photo competition open to both staff and customers. Photographs must depict “peace”.

10. Staff events

Gentoo staff will also take part in a Peace quiz at lunch time on 21 September. There will be some meditation and holistic therapy sessions available for staff during the week leading up to 21 September.





Meadowell Connected Summer Fayre Peace Pledges

On Tuesday 12th August at the Meadowell Connected Summer Fayre we asked the wonderful people of Meadowell in North Tyneside how they could make peace in their lives and this is what they said;


I pledge to make peace by….

Be happy

Feeding the birds

trying to smile

Freedom to be me

meditating daily, keeping calm and always seeing the best in people

at home on your own

not trying to kill my brother!


caring for the elderly

helping out

trusting my neighbours

being asleep

trying not to shout and being more friendly

listen to music

being very nice

saying sorry to my mum

saying hello to my neighbour

smiling at everyone I meet

arguing less

to be good

people should be safer

love is the sign of peace

being a good little sister

being a good boy

not try to hit my brother when he annoys me

make a birds nest

to smile more

being friendly

make what was once free, free again

no more wars and everyone to be happy



s4p logo

Space For Peace and Time 4 World Peace have come collaborated to create a unique space and time in the twitter-sphere for organisations and individuals to share their thoughts, quotes, experiences, activities and hopes for peace.


We call upon anyone who seeks peace in their lives, their communities and in the wider world to join us at 4pm on Thursday of every week to tweet for peace, to retweet others and share our collective desire for a more peaceful world.

We believe that peace begins with each and everyone of us. Your support in sharing #hour4peace on twitter and taking collective responsibility by actively tweeting, liking, following and retweeting others will create a worldwide shift in consciousness and awareness of the power of peace to change the world.

‘Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean’ – Ryunosuke Satoro

The aim of #hour4peace is to reach as wide an audience as possible in a limited time leading to peace trending from 4-5pm in any particular time zone. This #hour4peace will always occur somewhere in the world, the peace trend will potentially spread across the world every Thursday.


We want #hour4peace to create an online community where everyone feels supported for pursuing peace in their lives, communities and the world. We believe that if more people share their personal pledges of how they will make peace, the world will truly be a better and more peaceful place.

Please don’t be shy with sharing! Your pledge, quote or activity may resonate with other twitter users, who may then feel compelled to take action in his or her life. Continue the ripple effect of peaceful intentions and create a culture of peace by inviting your friends and family to join us every Thursday between 4-5pm .

Share your thoughts on peace, inspire with peace quotes, make a pledge of how you will make peace, promote the work of your organisation, share, favourite and retweet.  Pop in any time between 4-5pm and make peace trend.

Please join us this Thursday and every Thursday from 4-5pm and tweet for peace.


Time 4 World Peace desires to reach all 4 corners of the world by encouraging people to recognise 4 o’clock as a time to make peace with others in their world. By collaborating with educational Institutes, communities and within our homes we can build on peace at a unique moment in time.

Through creating Spaces for Peace we aim to raise awareness of peace in our local communities and facilitate interventions that enable individuals in our communities to understand the meaning of peace to them and the impact of peace on the health, wealth and happiness of our lives and our communities.

Vote for Peace

Space For Peace have a vision to create peace gardens in every community across the North East of England. Not just to make unused public space a nicer place to be, although that certainly would be a part of it.  We see the creation of a network of peace gardens to be a catalyst to embed a culture of peace within our communities.

We are surrounded by images, news, games, movies and stories that reinforce a message of individuals, communities and nations continually in conflict. It is no wonder that when bombarded with all of this we rarely consider the alternative, the one thing that unites us all, the desire for peace.

Imagine if every community had a public place dedicated to peace, reconcilliation, forgiveness and healing. A secular space for the whole community to use as place for prayer, reflection, meditation or just a moment to stop, to think, to be and take a break from from whatever chaos surrounds their lives.  A place to raise awareness and conciousness of what peace means, where to find it and how to make it. And in the centre of this space a place to make a public commitment to peace, a place to share their personal pledge for how they will make peace.

A Space For Peace


Imagine the power of communities united together for peace, imagine peace gardens acting as beacons offering a constant reminder that peace is always available, imagine a place for the celebration, learning and growth of peace.

We have the vision

You have the power

Please vote for peace gardens

We need your help

Space For Peace – Peace Gardens


A Space For Peace – A Place to Be


Space For Peace’s  mission is “To release the power of individuals to create the Space for Peace and reduce the incidence of domestic abuse, bullying and antisocial behaviour in our communities.”

One element of our work is to combine the development of physical spaces for peace with support to individuals and groups to explore and discover their own personal space for peace.  Integral to this vision is the creation of Peace gardens in every community across the North East of England.


To create Peace Gardens within disadvantaged and deprived communities across North East England.


  • Community cohesion.
  • Effective, innovative use of unused space.
  • Reduction in Anti-social behaviour.
  • Improved health and well being.
  • Creation of new public community space.

The unique and integral concept inherent in the project will be the introduction of mindfulness based meditation combined with the creation of a physical community space for reflection.  Mindfulness is an approach to well being that combines meditation, breathing techniques and paying attention to the present moment which helps people change the way they think, feel and act. The health and well being benefits of mindfulness are well documented and mindfulness based cognitive therapy is now recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) as an alternative to medication in the treatment of anxiety and depression within the NHS.

Each Peace Garden, although based around an outline framework, would be designed and created by the community, for the community.  Space for Peace would provide the outline framework and engage in community consultation with members of the local community, across all age groups.

This consultation would include raising awareness around issues of peace and an introduction to the use of mindfulness meditation to rediscover peace within themselves.

The purpose of each Peace Garden will be to both provide a physical space for peace for members of the local community to use to reflect on peace and a symbol of the community’s commitment to Peace.

Each Peace Garden will be circular in shape and include three separate sections.  Each section will focus on a different question related to peace;

  • What does peace mean to you and for you?
  • Where is peace for you?
  • How do you make peace?

Each section will also include a locking post box in which people can post peace pledges.  These pledges would then be laminated for protection from the elements and hung on the tree in the centre of the garden.  The act of writing down the pledge psychologically reinforces the personal commitment, this is further reinforced by sharing the pledge publicly by hanging it on the tree.


The creation of  Peace Gardens will provide an opportunity to develop greater community cohesion, release the power of individuals to create the Space for Peace and revitalise unused space.  Through embedding peace as a concept into the culture and beliefs of the people within these communities an impetus will be created for shifting cultural norms around anti-social behaviour, domestic Abuse and bullying.  The use of mindfulness will develop greater self ownership and therefore less reliance and dependence on ‘services’ as communities will manage challenges within.

Peace for business

Last week Space for Peace attended Asian Business Connexions ABC Expo, ‘the largest family and business community inclusive event on Tyneside’, at the Excelsior Academy in Newcastle upon Tyne.

At our stall we took the opportunity to discuss peace with businesses from across the North East, both large and small.  We asked three key questions, ‘What does peace mean for you?’, ‘Where is Peace?’ and ‘How do you make peace?’. In addition we asked members of the business community to make personal pledges for peace in recognition of the UN International Peace Day on 21st September.  Here are some of the pledges made by local business people;

‘never hold a grudge against anyone, life is to short’  ‘I will take the time to understand people, not pre-judge’ ‘being supportive to everyone and to find solutions’ ‘think more positive of life as a whole’  ‘reflecting on the needs of others and promoting peace at work’  ‘smile to colleagues’  ‘helping where and when I am needed’

Most of these pledges are as applicable in the home as the are in the workplace. Share your pledge with us on facebook.

Historically, Space for Peace have attended community events and festivals at which we have engaged in the same discussions with a cross section of the general public.  However, this event presented the opportunity to explore what peace means specifically to businesses and whether peace interventions can help improve business performance.

Unsurprisingly the responses to the three key questions resonated with responses we receive at other events.  The business people we spoke to talked of their personal experiences and view of peace in their day to day life outside of work.  These discussions touched on both their own peace and that of the wider community and the world.  It was clear that they valued peace for themselves and recognised the obvious benefits to an end in violent conflict around the world.  Yet, initially at least, very few made an immediate connection to the role of peace at work.

Maybe this is no surprise, when talking about peace we naturally consider the opposite to peace the opposite to peace.  Space for Peace was created specifically to tackle issues of Anti-social behaviour, Domestic abuse and bullying in North East communities. These were the issues identified by people at community events across the North East as the key barriers to peace in their lives.  In the workplace there are tighter controls, rules and laws to deal with these issues than there are in our homes and neighbourhoods. Yet these issues to occur in the workplace as well as outside of work and when they do they can lead to absenteeism, sickness and conflict with customers or colleagues.

Lack of peace for employees and business owners can have a seriously damaging effect on business performance, conversely when when we create space for peace for ourselves and eachother, conflict is reduced, we feel happier and are more productive.

A recent article by wired highlights that many of the worlds most succesful business leaders, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google are now incorporating mindfulness techniques into their working practices because of the benefits to health, wellbeing and performance.

To find out more about Space for Peace find us on facebook, or email us at info@spaceforpeace.co.uk.