☮ World Peace Day Peace Pledges from The Sage in association with World Peace Tyneside ☮

On Sunday 21st September (World Peace Day) we asked how the people who came to the World Peace Day celebrations at the Sage in Gateshead could make peace in their lives and this is what they said:

I pledge to make peace by…Make your Peace Pledge here

  1. Persuading terrorists to follow a peaceful path J
  2. Connection self-others-nature ❤
  3. Tuesday
  4. Be at peace in myself to be peaceful with others. Support inner peace with meditation
  5. Accepting all human beings as such…
  6. Sending out prayers for world peace daily
  7. End to all racism in the world
  8. Supporting Palestinians
  9. Service to others love and peace
  10. Holding love & giving love to all
  11. Being a kind person to others and help the needed
  12. I being kind to people
  13. Finding peace within myself and giving love to all…
  14. Meditation & growing my compassion loving my daughter & family
  15. By praying a ceasefire lasts forever
  16. Loving myself betterWorld Peace Day Peace pledge tree
  17. Help more around the house.
  18. Being kind and compassionate to everyone I meet
  19. Being kind
  20. Having & encouraging peace within me. Let it begin with me.
  21. By being understanding to the people who did not get what they wanted in the ref. I got what I wanted
  22. Campaign to have no taxes used for militarism, but for peace instead
  23. Working to support the U.N. + United Nations Association
  24. Being kinder and less judgemental of people
  25. Accepting other points of view
  26. Spreading more peace, love & understanding
  27. Keeping things simple peace for everyone
  28. Spreading love and peace thoughts across the world
  29. No new development of weapons
  30. Play Star Wars – Only play! Leon, Age 3
  31. Asking for the holy spirit & Christ to be with us forever
  32. By spreading love even when challenged
  33. Opening my heart more and moreWorld Peace Day 2014


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Space For Peace and Time 4 World Peace have come collaborated to create a unique space and time in the twitter-sphere for organisations and individuals to share their thoughts, quotes, experiences, activities and hopes for peace.


We call upon anyone who seeks peace in their lives, their communities and in the wider world to join us at 4pm on Thursday of every week to tweet for peace, to retweet others and share our collective desire for a more peaceful world.

We believe that peace begins with each and everyone of us. Your support in sharing #hour4peace on twitter and taking collective responsibility by actively tweeting, liking, following and retweeting others will create a worldwide shift in consciousness and awareness of the power of peace to change the world.

‘Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean’ – Ryunosuke Satoro

The aim of #hour4peace is to reach as wide an audience as possible in a limited time leading to peace trending from 4-5pm in any particular time zone. This #hour4peace will always occur somewhere in the world, the peace trend will potentially spread across the world every Thursday.


We want #hour4peace to create an online community where everyone feels supported for pursuing peace in their lives, communities and the world. We believe that if more people share their personal pledges of how they will make peace, the world will truly be a better and more peaceful place.

Please don’t be shy with sharing! Your pledge, quote or activity may resonate with other twitter users, who may then feel compelled to take action in his or her life. Continue the ripple effect of peaceful intentions and create a culture of peace by inviting your friends and family to join us every Thursday between 4-5pm .

Share your thoughts on peace, inspire with peace quotes, make a pledge of how you will make peace, promote the work of your organisation, share, favourite and retweet.  Pop in any time between 4-5pm and make peace trend.

Please join us this Thursday and every Thursday from 4-5pm and tweet for peace.


Time 4 World Peace desires to reach all 4 corners of the world by encouraging people to recognise 4 o’clock as a time to make peace with others in their world. By collaborating with educational Institutes, communities and within our homes we can build on peace at a unique moment in time.

Through creating Spaces for Peace we aim to raise awareness of peace in our local communities and facilitate interventions that enable individuals in our communities to understand the meaning of peace to them and the impact of peace on the health, wealth and happiness of our lives and our communities.