Newcastle Unity Festival Peace Pledges

On May 23rd Space For Peace joined forces with Mindfulness Based Therapies and North East  Action For Happiness at the Newcastle Unity Festival at Leazes Park, Newcastle upon Tyne.


The Unity Festival is an unique, open air, totally free, Music Festival, set up to proactively challenge, all forms of intolerance & promote Unity in the community.


To promote unity within the community we asked festival goers to make their personal pledge for peace and this is what they said:

I Pledge to make Peace by…..

‘Being more conscious and less sleepy’              ‘Being nice to people’    ‘Breathing in compassion’


‘Finding ways to have compassion for myself in the darkness as well as in light – May I always be loving’


‘Appreciating everything/everyone around me’  ‘Help myself to help others’


‘Being more understanding to other peoples needs and will be volunteering to help the new community I am going to live in soon’


‘To improve my community by volunteering with organisations dedicated to helping the vulnerable’

‘I pledge to be peaceful and not raise my voice and to be kind always’

‘Remembering to thank people more’     ‘Be nice to everyone’

‘Be understanding to others’     ‘No rubbish’  ‘Believing in dreams’

11017171_894403450633395_7697283267150237044_n (1)11203149_894403837300023_1890904649184907287_n

‘To be understanding of others and bring happiness to those I meet’

‘Debating instead of arguing and to be open to opinion’

‘Listening more to myself and others’    ‘Trusting the universe’

‘Spreading smiles and being as kind as I can’   ‘Trying to love all things without exception’

I pledge to make peace by talking about the little things before they become big things’

11050214_894403773966696_8454395246026747117_n11020214_894404230633317_5473507100858130152_n‘Making people I love happy’  ‘Being nice to people and spreading happiness and joy’

‘Actively taking part in organisations and groups to make this country a better place’

‘Show love, understanding and compassion – Support others’

‘Love each other and make the best of what we have instead of moaning about what we don’t’


‘Appreciating and being grateful for all of the great things in this world’

‘Making sure I always tell my mum and family I love them’

‘Understanding views and opinions made by others’  ‘To appreciate what I have under my nose’


‘Being kind to myself in order to be kind to others’  ‘To be more inwardly and outwardly compassionate’

‘To see the good in all’   ‘To not argue’  ‘Making people smile as much as possible’

‘Caring for my friends, family and others in need’    ‘Speaking and listening Peacefully’

‘Trying not to judge others and knowing peace is understanding everyone is different’

‘Giving to charity and inspiring people to do the same’.

‘To live in the love mindset and protect my rights and boundaries’


Thank you Chris White Photography for the images and support on the day.


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