Preston Park Peace pledges 2014

On Friday 8th August 2014 Space For Peace attended Tristar Housing’s annual family Funday and asked what people would do in their world for peace, here are the pledges from the lovely people of Teeside;

Be Nice to People

Everyone being happy

Not arguing with my younger sister

Not fight with my sister

Listening more and talking less

Be good by helping mam and dad in the home

Helping more around the house

By being nice to my family, friends and neighbours

Don’t argue all day

Be kind to my Nanna Mary

Spend more time playing with my son

Appreciating what I’ve got

Making people happy

In my bed when I’m asleep

Not argue with my family

Smile ALL day

Be nice to my brother Mason

Helping all those who need my assistance and using my positive attitude all day

Not being judgemental of autism

I will be nice to my sister

Being nicer to my friends and family


Make my family happy

Be calm

Being grateful and content


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