Newcastle Pride Festival 2014


Together with World Peace Tyneside we asked festival goers at Newcastles Annual Pride Festival for their visions for peace and to make their personal pledge for peace in their community.

Visions for Peace-


1) So that everyone in the world can love who they want, believe what they want without prejudice.

2) Peace is an abstract perfection-

Serenity among all sans colour

Smiles abound and encapsulates time

The brilliance of togetherness like entwined vines

Poverty ceases, all men hear same good cries…

The world’s creeds agree, disagree and let be

The wildlife we see in tune with our hearts

And of course, the environment more alive

3) Hope, Love, Family, Friends, Pride!

4) Peace for Myself

5) No political control, to be free and peaceful

6) Stress free and happy

7) Peace is love for all, happiness and friendship

8) Let peace begin within

9) Liam age 9-

No fighting

No more war

No discrimination

10) Until all are free no one is free. Stand together, hand in hand, for the future of all.

11) The chance for everyone to believe what they believe without having to worry.

12) Everyone is happy

13) Trying not to argue with my brother as much

14) Peace is a better place to live in, you can’t live in peace with war #anti-war!

15) For people not to judge or assume, get to know and love. As if they don’t understand instead of backing off. Life is life, Love is love, It is all the same no matter what!

16) To live in a happy world, be prejudice free and to love whoever xxx

17) My vision is for a world without discrimination allowing people to not stress.

18) My vision is a world without judgement, discrimination and hate, my wish is equality

19) If there are no weapons, there should be no war

20) I hope that love will show no end, gay, straight or bi. I love my life lets hope everyone else love theirs too xxx


Pledges for Peace-


I pledge to make peace by…


1) Leading functions, growing food on allotment, and taking a peace paper to our local weapons establishment

2) To support people fulfil their potential

3) Caring, sharing and treating other as I would like to be treated myself

4) Supporting the peace movement

5) Having more patience

6) Encouraging others to stop and look at each other as we are

7) Having the inner courage to apologise more

8) Making others happy

9) Listening to and accepting others!

10) Not supporting violence

11) Not judging anyone! J

12) Visiting family more

13) Can only make it on a Monday/Wednesday?

14) Promoting equality and understanding for all x

15) Believing we are all equal in the world!

16) No more war

17) Preaching the need for cordial existence amongst my neighbours

18) Accepting people for who they are

19) Complimenting everyone

20) Being aware of social equality

21) Not to shout when things go wrong

22) Loving my family and friends no matter what!

23) Being calm

24) Accepting everyone and not judging people-x-Spread the peace

25) Is to love each other

26) Being mindful of the brave journey my daughter is taking

27) Being with family

28) Appreciating the love of my family and friends

29) Supporting friends and family in decisions/embracing things I have no control over

30) Be nice to everybody I meet J

31) Uniting the world

32) Helping those less fortunate than myself

33) Changing views on transsexual people

34) Ensuring equality and diversity for all

35) Meditating

36) Make a person smile

37) Making others smile and be happy

38) Trying to stay calm and listen more

39) Allowing people into my own life. Supporting no violence

40) Doing nowt

41) Smoking more marijuana

42) Listening and being a friend

43) Hugs and kisses for everyone (translated from Catalan)

44) Spreading the ❤ xoxo

45) Showing a kind word and friendly smile

46) Not judging people

47) Helping people to appreciate the simple things that don’t always cost money

48) Stop getting angry

49) Ensuring equality and diversity for all

50) Promote the creative

51) Not forcing my beliefs on others

52) Continuing to be the best person I can be!

53) Be kind and thoughtful to others and help whenever I can xx

54) Don’t lash out

55) Everyone having equality J

56) No more war

57) Being aware of world peace issues

58) Continuing enjoying Social Media

59) Being a better person to everybody not just friends

60) Giving more time outside of work

61) Helping sexuality equality

62) Accepting everyone for who they are

63) I be happy to find my Dad

64) Accepting everybody for who they are

65) Grasping every opportunity to try and make a positive difference



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