Vote for Peace

Space For Peace have a vision to create peace gardens in every community across the North East of England. Not just to make unused public space a nicer place to be, although that certainly would be a part of it.  We see the creation of a network of peace gardens to be a catalyst to embed a culture of peace within our communities.

We are surrounded by images, news, games, movies and stories that reinforce a message of individuals, communities and nations continually in conflict. It is no wonder that when bombarded with all of this we rarely consider the alternative, the one thing that unites us all, the desire for peace.

Imagine if every community had a public place dedicated to peace, reconcilliation, forgiveness and healing. A secular space for the whole community to use as place for prayer, reflection, meditation or just a moment to stop, to think, to be and take a break from from whatever chaos surrounds their lives.  A place to raise awareness and conciousness of what peace means, where to find it and how to make it. And in the centre of this space a place to make a public commitment to peace, a place to share their personal pledge for how they will make peace.

A Space For Peace


Imagine the power of communities united together for peace, imagine peace gardens acting as beacons offering a constant reminder that peace is always available, imagine a place for the celebration, learning and growth of peace.

We have the vision

You have the power

Please vote for peace gardens

We need your help


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