The magnificent seven Gentoo events in association with Space for Peace 2013

Over the next few days Gentoo Living will be hosting seven magnificent events across Sunderland in association with Space for Peace and in recognition of the work of Peace One Day to promote the International Day of Peace.

  1.  Dubmire primary school children in Houghton –le –Spring will position themselves on the field so as to spell the word ‘Peace’ when seen from above. Aerial Photographs will be taken  by use of a remote controlled drone. (On 20 Sept a.m.).The children are also making their own posters depicting peace and there will be prizes for the best ones.This school has also been using the Peace One day resource pack in their lessons.
  2. Gentoo staff are facilitating a session for year 6 pupils at Oxclose primary school in Washington. They will be exploring what qualities they have and relating them to famous peace makers such as Martin Luther King. (20 Sept. p.m.
  3. There will be a roof garden party at the River Quarter in Sunderland City Centre. It will bring together the residents of the apartments to meet each other and their new Neighbourhood Housing Manager. They will be encouraged to use the garden as a “space for peace” within the hustle and bustle of city living.
  4. Young people from the Youth Almighty project in the Silksworth area of Sunderland have been working all week with residents of Tom Urwin House sheltered Housing scheme to create a Peace mosaic. This will be completed and unveiled on Saturday afternoon and placed in the communal  rest room which can be used as a space for peace. This activity has already led to other benefits  – the young people have asked the residents to teach them skills such as knitting. How good is that?
  5. Gentoo staff have engaged in holistic therapy sessions and meditation starter sessions during the week and on Friday will be engaging in a Peace quiz where offices and departments will compete against each other.
  6. An event at Sunderland carers centre includes a space for peace garden area which is a facility much needed by carers who need a place for respite and time to themselves.
  7. A football tournament, the Peace Cup, with teams from 23 organisations including Gentoo.

.Pledge for Peace  cards will be available at all events and people will be encouraged to make their personal pledge for Peace.

We would like to thank all of the staff at Gentoo for their wonderful support.

Find out more about Space for Peace at or like us on facebook


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