Peace Pledges – Tristar Homes community event

On Wednesday 7th August 2013, Space for Peace asked attendees at Tristar Homes Community event at Preston Park in Stockton to share their pledges for peace for International Peace Day.

People of all ages declared their public commitment to peace by leaving their pledge on an the branches of an olive tree.  Over 120 people made their personal commitment to peace.

Stockton-on-Tees-20130807-00298    IMG_0194

This is what they promised to their family, friends, community and the word;

On the 21st September I pledge to make peace by…

  1. Not arguing with my mam and dad
  2. Smiling at my grandchildren. Xxx
  3. To try and stop cars speeding down my street
  4. Be good for my mam and dad
  5. I would like to keep peace family
  6. Do not argue or fight
  7. Working with more environmental groups
  8. By having time for everybody and also alone time
  9. To be good for mammy and daddy
  10. My dad all day and probably for a week

Tristar Open Day (21)

  1. Be kind all the time
  2. I love granddad from Cobe-Leigh
  3. Not to look for an argument!
  4. Today I pledge Levi to not turn my switch on and off
  5. Be good
  6. I would be a nice and kind person
  7. Smiling more
  8. Making better choices & moving forward not looking back at the past
  9. I granda from Amber
  10. Not fight with my little brother


  1. Going forwards and not backwards
  2. Be kind every day
  3. Promise o be good for mommy
  4. Having a few minutes of silence
  5. Smiling at everybody I meet every day every way
  6. Making everyone be happy
  7. Raising awareness for people who deal with self-harm.
  8. Smiling, sharing the love and surplus food with those who need it more than I!
  9. Give mam a break
  10. Being kinder to people
  11. Smile more
  12. Giving tings to people who have nothing
  13. When I fall over my friend helps me get up.
  14. Give someone a present
  15. Make year 3 settle
  16. Not fighting with my dad & to swim in the sea at sunset
  17. Be nice to my brother and sister
  18. Not to fight with other people!!
  19. I wont argue
  20. To be good Cameron
  21. Listening to others
  22. Piggy, birdie, smile
  23. Give someone a present
  24. I will give money to poor people
  25. Smile more
  26. Making time for people that matter to me
  27. Giving blood to people in need of it and support charities.
  28. Smiling at other people and being friendly
  29. Don’t fight with my sister
  30. Be a god girl from Esme


  1. Helping people in need
  2. I love you nana from Cameron
  3. Give someone else a better life!
  4. Katie
  5. Being nice to Josh.
  6. Being happy & sharing happiness with kids
  7. Helping others as much as I can
  8. Help my mum to get better and find a cure.
  9. Not to fight or arguments with my brother.
  10. Observing a day remembrance
  11. Having no more worries.
  12. Praying to people who die and when they die old and die in war.
  13. Make people happy
  14. Being connected with loved and lost ones! Miss you dad x
  15. Moving forward
  16. I will be nice to my friends
  17. Smile
  18. Smiling!!!
  19. Help my mammy
  20. Smile more
  21. Be more caring towards others around you
  22. I miss you nana Iris
  23. To not be naughty for my mam and not argue with my sister.
  24. Making kids happy and enjoying family time
  25. To be good more
  26. Not to be naughty for my mam!
  27. Stop fighting with my sister
  28. Sharing
  29. Smile more, Josh
  30. To help mum
  31. Caitlin wont be bad
  32. Just by relaxing and going out with family
  33. My mam because I don’t do what she says.
  34. Not to moan about silly little things!
  35. Spent time alone
  36. Love and respect
  37. Not shouting all day
  38. Bring happiness where ever I may be
  39. I like your smile today
  40. I am smiling
  41. Smiling at everyone I see
  42. Being nice to Ben.
  43. Being more tolerant
  44. Getting some quiet time
  45. Kind
  46. Make peace with myself
  47. Smile
  48. Hugging my family x
  49. Continuing to support victims of violence
  50. Make people happy
  51. Be good and do the pots
  52. Not arguing with family members
  53. Getting people of all nations together
  54. Try hard in my SATs
  55. Make a wish to be loved
  56. By not shouting
  57. Behave, smile and hug my family!
  58. Not being nasty to my big brother
  59. Smile at more strangers
  60. Not arguing and not shouting
  61. Being good
  62. Helping an elderly person.
  63. Giving love to everyone and spreading happiness
  64. Being a good girl
  65. Make the world happy.
  66. Making someone happy.
  67. I won’t play violent games, I won’t do bad things only good.
  68. Being nice to Ben.
  69. Keeping an open heart for my son.
  70. Not arguing
  71. Stop reading less TV

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