Smile 4 Peace

smile for peace‘Peace begins with a smile’ – Mother Theresa



International world peace day is this Saturday, and in preparation for 21st September we are asking people to simply make an extra effort to smile at more people, more often and to smile back when others smile at you.

We don’t mean randomly smiling at total strangers, that could look a bit weird. Smile more to yourself, to your friends, colleagues and the people you recognize who you see everyday on the bus, the tube, the station, the office block etc. If just smiling feels strange, feel free to add a simple greeting.

We ask that, in the spirit of Mother Theresa’s quote at the top of the page that people make this extra effort on 20th September, the day before Peace Day.  We want the day before peace day to become known as a day of smiling and happiness.

Why ‘Smile4Peace’ ?

  • Smiling actually makes you feel happier.  We all know we smile when we are happy, but scientists have proven that the act of smiling itself releases endorphins that make us feel happier, even when we are not happy. Smiling brings positive psychological and physiological changes that benefits your health and happiness.
  • Smiling releases dopamine, endorphins and serotonin which work to reduce stress, relieve pain and and lift your mood.
  • Smiling is contagious, studies have shown that when you smile at someone, their brain unconciously wants to return the favour.  So when you smile at someone it encourages them to smile back, and as already mentioned the act of smiling makes them feel happier.  That’s right, when you smile at someone you feel happier and so do they!
  • When you smile, people treat you differently. Studies have demonstrated that smiling faces are more likely to be viewed with positive attributes such as reliable, sincere, relaxed and attractive.

The world is simply a happier, safer and better place when you smile.  And that is why ‘Peace begins with a smile’

So please join us on 20th September and ‘smile4peace’



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