Where is Peace for you?


‘Peace will come wherever it is sincerely invited’ Alice Walker

Creating Space For Peace is about Reducing Domestic Abuse, Anti-Social Behaviour & Bullying in local communities.

In previous posts we discussed what does peace mean to you and what does Peace mean for you. These questions help us understand peace and its benefits to us as individuals and the wider communities in which we live. By knowing what Peace feels and looks like, we are more likely to recognise where the Spaces for Peace are in our lives.

Finding Peace in our chaotic lives is a constant challenge, whatever our circumstance, and requires an absence of conflict and disturbance.. A peaceful physical space is no guarantee of peace if our minds are racing with internal conflicts and demands.  Likewise all the breathing, meditation and mindfulness techniques available can be disturbed by external events.

That said, finding Peace starts with the individual.  When we are in conflict with ourselves, our subsequent behaviours impact upon those around us, our family, friends, colleagues and community.  Only by finding our own space for peace can we begin to make peace with others.

At events across the North East of England, Space for Peace have been asking people in local communities what peace means to them. Here are a few of the responses;

‘No where’      ‘In my bedroom’       ‘Soul’       ‘Mind’       ‘Reading a book’      ‘Being with family’       ‘With friends’     ‘Diving in the sea’

‘On the golf course’       ‘Cuddled on the sofa with my partner’       ‘On holiday’         ‘The beach’

‘Listening to music’        ‘Laughing with my kids’         ‘Watching a funny movie’        ‘In my bed’       ‘When I’m off my face’

‘That I don’t have to take verbal’         ‘At the pub’      ‘Spirit’        ‘When the kids have gone to bed’       ‘In a smile’  

‘At home’        ‘A night out with the girls’          ‘At the bottom of the bottle of wine’           ‘At my friends house’

‘The garden’          ‘When I’m asleep’        ‘In nature’         ‘Knowing myself’        ‘At my mums’        ‘Anywhere’

It is clear from these responses that peace can be found almost anywhere, but for most people it is not a solitary experience but comes through sharing time and space with the people they love and care about. The people we are at peace with bring us peace.  That is why peace must begin in our homes and in our communities, peace starts with each of us.

‘ Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding’  Albert Einstein

Without understanding, peace is nowhere.  With understanding Peace can be everywhere.

Where will you be and who will you make peace with on 21st September, International day of peace?


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