Byker ‘week of action’ Peace pledges

On 28th May 2013, at the Byker ‘week in action’ organised by Northumbria Police, Space For Peace UK talked to the people of Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne about peace.

We discussed what peace means to them, where they find peace and how they make peace in their lives.

To raise awareness of United Nations Peace Day, a day of None Violence and Cease Fire on 21st September every year, we asked  the local community, to make a pledge for Peace.

These are the Peace pledges from the people we spoke to;

Byker community peace pledges

I pledge to make Peace by…..

‘Planning ahead’   ‘Good relationships with the neighbours’   ‘To stop violence and make friends’

‘making a nice, kind, calm place’  ‘Creating a chilled place, and being really special, kind and caring’

‘Just being calm’   ‘Splitting a fight up’   ‘Spreading the love’  ‘Thinking before I act’

‘Singing a song each day’   ‘Being kind and being honest’   ‘ Stopping smoking drugs, alcohol and racism’

‘Not to fight with my family’  ‘Peace is when I am on my xbox’  ‘Think before I fight’

‘Allowing another motorist in to the traffic (several times!)’   ‘Bring people together with sport’

‘read a book’   ‘Make everyone friends, stop fighting, racism and bullying’  ‘Helping others’

‘Reflecting before I act’   ‘No fighting, no racism, be polite’  ‘Supporting organisations that advocate for peace’

‘Break up a fight’

What will you do to make Peace?

For more information about Space for Peace UK find us on Facebook, follow us on twitter or subscribe to our youtube channel


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